Lyrics to Richard
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Obie Trice
O back around the corner
Got the crack, put in your orders
We 'bout to run up out the storages
It's notorious the way I got big spitting stories
Being me, sex clan, then glorious
We're not your favorite, fuck it
You know the system and you buck it
Have you revisiting how you used to love it
My nigga is true to the music, cool sticks, cool kid
Used to pursue excuses, truth is, I was truin' in the school
So its influence is foolish, that was my view
I'm back at it, the rap addict, by any means
We gonna get this stacks accurate, no skinny jeans
Saying I ain't a star, niggas might be right
So regular, nigga gotta shit tonight
Take it back Selektah, let 'em know it's Trice
Put your seat belts on, we gon' ride tonight
This girl, You got a nice pair(Pear), But your plums stupid!
So when I fell up in that binch
Don't pretend like you ain't interested to impressing your stupid ass friends and refuse to get in
Blow me nigga, slammin' on the ground and snap like a pool stick against
So men, If you get dick, pretend it's a musical instrument
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
I can tell it at first glance through a ho, your pants are so tight
When you dance with Obie Trice, Your implants explode
So call the dides, the chains, the snow this ain't Francisco
Though I'm from Detroit city, You livin' in my animosity
That's a fucked up state of bein' such an atrocity
Look the way these random thoughts keep you in senseless mind babbling
« What me? Apologize? labrbrr » This is the way the rhyme unravels
What the fuck if I take it back and Time Travel?!

Call me Richard (Richard)
Cause I'm a Dick
It's also Richard cause I feel that you should
Pry your fucking mouth out off of it
Call me Richard (Richard)
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