Rich Homie Quando Lyrics

Quando Rondo

Life After Fame

Lyrics to Rich Homie Quando
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, QRN

13, I was thuggin' hard, by 14, off the porch
15, I was totin' pistols, by 16, up the road
17, I was writin' raps, goin' hard on every hook
By 18 I was in the county, no money on my books
Had to realize niggas say they ride but not to the very end
Just to get my circle tight I had to cut off all my friends
I told Shad fuck a bank account 'cause my shoebox, it got a few knots
I live the thug life, no 2Pac, nigga try me, he get two shots
If he a fuck nigga, I swear he get a few shots
My neck and wrist so cold, I swear I need a flu shot
Boilin' water, they like Quando Rondo too hot
Why you tryna be something you know you not?
I counted up ten racks just this morning
Ridin' 'round in a Maybach, in a foreign
I remember way back you was ignoring
I'm preachin' like a pastor and y'all actors
I get so high I pass the lord, and my team fly, no passport
Anything lil shawty want, all she gotta do is ask for it
And that pistol on me, I ain't never lackin'
Nigga run up on me, swear to God I'm blastin'
'Bout to kill the game, it's closed casket, yeah yeah yeah

Fifty thousand ain't nothin' to me 'cause I can do that shit in my sleep, yeah
13, I was playin' ball, I was runnin' hard in my cleats, yeah
14, you couldn't tell me nothin' 'cause I got my first piece of meat, yeah
Pussy did something to me, ever since then I been a lil freak, yeah
Free Major Brans, at 15 I was hangin' with ABG
I was young as hell and I ain't know no better, so I started smokin' that weed
By 16 I was skippin' class, I was bein' bad just because
I got a girlfriend and she broke my heart but it was puppy love
By 17 I started gettin' it and I started movin' a lil different
But I did not know one day that I was gon' get some millions
And by 18 I got a lil impatient, I barely had graduated
19, I had caught my first charge and I was facing, so much time
By 20, I started reading books to expand my mind
At 21, I had start prayin' 'cause God don't answer cries
By 24, I had saved enough for a condo
25, I was in LA like I'm Lonzo, Quando Rondo
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