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Deadline - EP

Lyrics to Rich And Helpless
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Cuz two wrongs doesn't make a right
sometimes I wonder how you can sleep at night
and I don't say that I'm proud
and I don't say that I'm right
I've made my mistakes
I'll face all the shit I'll have to take

corruption and violence, crime without consequence
a people take their last breath, one lives off another's death

let me get all the facts straight, you just look the other way?

another raindrop falling, another victim calling
the same rain falls upon the rich and helpless

some nights when stars are shining and wealthy people dining
the same stars shine upon the rich and helpless

here's one thing I will never realize
how can you still look into their eyes?
after all you have done

so take a look into the mirror and tell me that you are the man you wanted to become

very voice is screaming to be heard
it's getting more and more absurd
a million people down and out of luck
those on top will never give a fuck
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