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Lyrics to Revolution
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Land as a justice, death is the power
Don't ..on money
... in a desperate hour
He can't be...
Prepare your revolution
Is it the fine illusion.
Find a solution!

..surrender, killing ...
Babies.. leaders on their back
Provision illusions
Stolen confusions
Prepare your revolution
Is this minor solution?
Girl, is a mass insanity
Let's all just pray right now!

The real...
Propaganda, hypocrisy
...our constitution
Rebellions, revolution
Is here the final solution!
A rebellion, revolution
Is this the final solution?
The final solution
Songwriters: Michels, Leon / Movshon, Nick / Rebennack, Malcolm / Auerbach, Dan / Weissenfeldt, Maximilian / Olive, Brian
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., DUCHAMP, INC
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