Lyrics to Revolution Calling
Revolution Calling Video:
[Verse 1]
this is the time
that things will change
a brand new day
we'll re-arrange

you'll let us through [x2]

this is the revolution
you know it'll never end
this is the new solution
you know you can't pretend
we're the new noise pollution
you know we will defend
this is the revolution
you know it'll never end

[Verse 2]
boy bands fuck off
hang the d.j
the time has come
to go away

[Middle section]
every single day a new bands gonna play
but no ones gonna listen pop shit's in the way
we gotta get rid of it, rid of it now
before they all take over and we don't know ho
there's bands like us that are gonna change the charts
but the charts are fucked up, for a start
this is the time for a brand new age
but i know i can hear the revolution calling
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