Lyrics to Revisited
Revisited Video:
This is the Random Freestyle Revisited

yo yo yo yo

I was uh some uh gettin gettin some uh
I was uh some uhh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Yo what up my niggas

(verse 1)
It was dark outside, it was time for bed
Just standing around when someone said
Let's just freestyle a rap, make it up as we go
Everybody already knew what to do fo sho
First came the yo's then came the oh's
Started out like a bunch of average Joe's
We really didnt see how this was gonna be
We weren't big pimpin, we weren't spending the g's
Sounded like crap but it still was a rap
So we picked up the pace, offended the black race
Not proud of it, it was a disgrace
But it was really phat just like grace
Dropped the N bomb without a trace
But detonating explosives was not the motive
Nothing personal, it was just strictly show biz
Nothing spookier, you're now about to witness the power of the Kidd

Jeremy Anderson is so fly,
How fly?
That he is a white guy!

I'm coming down with the sickness!

(verse 2)
It basically started way back then Killian started
The rest of the rapping, the rhyming went mostly uncharted
The gas just ignited us it got us all to excited
It was dark outside and we were all short sighted
Standing there on the driveway with too much to say
Thats the way of the name how it came to be this day
But about that random song it just all went along
It was all really tight never went to wrong
You could tell we were white when it didn't go so right
Words stuck together but it was still alright
It was F-R-I-D-A-Y night
Nobody wanted trouble, nobody wanted to fight
Just standing around goofin around like clowns
I laid down a phat beat thats why I'm wearing the crown
I can take that frown and turn it upside down
Soon the Drivewayz will be world renown
But thats in the future just a little later
Until then sit back and listen, don't be a playa hater

London Bride is falling down
Falling down
Falling down

Pussy poppin in a head stand
I like pickles on my roast beef sandwich
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