Lyrics to Reverie
Reverie Video:
What's the ay-ey-ye-ey- Eyyyyyyy, ahhhh, Uh-ahhhh, RAHHHHHH!

Got these visions inside my head
Trying to sleep
Tossing turning all around in my bed
Wrestle for peace
I'm running with a hundred pounds of lead
Just on my feet
Sinking deeper in a sea of dread
Facing defeat

Wake now,

Having a reverie

Visceral dormancy

Wake now,

Reveling heavily

Settling steadily

Wade out,

Tied to the tide

Letting it rise

Fade out

There's a factory inside of my brain
Manufactures it all
Takes these things that really drive me insane
Rolls them into a ball
Then they soak the ball in gasoline
Wait until I fall
Asleep and waiting for the fatal flame
That makes the bomb go off!

Break down

Having a reverie

Visceral Dormancy

Wake Now

Reveling Heavily

Settling Steadily

Wade out

Tied to the tide, Bending your eyes

Fade out
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