Lyrics to Revenge
Revenge Video:
Introducing the mean streets of Kentucky
You guys aint real, you got plays cause you lucky
I can't understand half the crap in your hit
About doing the dance, it sounded like shit
Quit your mumbling crap, just spit your game
You call that rap? Homie get off the stage
You guys sing crunk, the lowest form of music
To write real rap takes a genius mind to do it
A song about dancing, man what the hell
That just aint original, your shit wont sell
You should know that real gangstas don't dance
So stop talking black, and pull up your pants
You wanna let us hate, but we'll do more than that
This is Shmack aka The Full Blown Attack
I got the whole Who-Dey nation behind my back
My soldiers are lined up, all strapped with gats
And how you gonna tell us to change our songs and such
Try to tell us how to do the remix to Never Touch
Worry about your own songs, I got this planned
If you wanna run the band, say hello to my man sam

you guys think yo gangsta, you think you're so damn hard,
you make one false move, we'll pull your fuckin card
you think you can rap, but it aint even legit,
you go through a whole song without sayin any shit
you can watch me do my dance out in the ring,
hit cha with a left, then an uppercut with sting
your terrible rhymes are just igniting my flame
this flame of anger just keeps gettin bigger,
if you guys keep rappin, i'm gonna pull this trigger
BANG, your dead, the whole world rejoices,
I cant take one more minute of your god damn voices
our lines got that sting, each one like a dagger,
and we know we the shit, u can see it in out swagger
we gonna send you into oblivion, into the deep abyss,
I've said all i can say, so i'm gonna kick to the chorus

Now you wanna go to war
You say you wanna let em hate
We'll give you more than you bargained for
You can't turn back now, its too late
You guys are so overrated
Your music has just got no edge
Kentucky is now hated
This is the Who-Dey's revenge

This is killa kidd, right here
Forbidding a wigger that we don't wanna hear
This wanna-be g, calls himself gravy
He thinks hes good, this kid must be crazy
You think you know rap? We think your whack
After this song you wont even be on the map
I couldn't understand you, your raps are bland glue
They bounce of my ears and stick to you
So bam what you gonna do now MJD
You got yourself a little Who Dey beef
I dare you to retaliate, see what happens
We'll come at you again with our mind blowing rapping
Snapping and dancing, and flapping your lips
You guys aint mackin, and if you had wits
you would attack us, you would come back and diss
but no one would back ya, you'd just get your ass ripped
and we would only react by emptying a clip
don't try to boo us, askew us, or try to make us pissed
cause its completely useless, you can never touch this!


You thought we were done but we were just getting started
Now we're back to explain why you're all retarded
You claim you aint gangster, so talk like your white
But oh wait yea, you're from Kentucky, that's right
So I guess you can't talk like a normal human being
You sound like a whigger in the songs that you're singing
Now let me ask you this, why you only put one song
up on your myspace, the rest are all gone
Is it because you know they just suck shlong
And you wanna keep your reputation going on
Your nothing but a one hit wonder, face it
Your other songs are a blunder, disgracing
And when your one and only hit still sucks dick
Just admit it, you suck at the rap game so quit it
You claim you aint fake, but I disagree
Only in your dreams you're a real mc

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