Revealing The Sarnath Lyrics



Lyrics to Revealing The Sarnath
Stepping through my dream to the hyperspace
Entering the cosmic fog of universe
Tumbling into the deep abyss of darkness
Departing to the outermost black wasteness

Bottomless ocean is pulling me down
Strongest windstorm is sweeping me
Walking where the ground
Has no evident contours
Walking where I can reveal
The Sarnath's enchantment.

Across the gates burning so blaze
Where Ze-Kalar funs the magic flames
Across the endless valleys out of sight
Where Tamash stirs the silver dust

Across the bewitched waters
Of springs slowly drying up
Where Lobin sings the silent songs
Of forbidden worlds.

Across the countless magic gardens,
Esoteric and widespread
As far as the towers of Sarnath rise,
Forever and ever

Walking the ground, untrodden and strange
Beholding the sky, sinister but charming
Breathing the air, so heavy but clear
Revealing the Sarnath, hidden 'neath the surface

Out of my dream, but not losing ground
Let the deepest sleep is my companion
Across the land without the bounds
Across the eternity towards the Sarnath
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