Lyrics to Reveal Love
Reveal Love Video:
There's so much pain
Pain behind us
Pain beside us
Pain through us
Pain to make us sore
Erase our sense of trust
Pain to bring us closer
To undo us

I wanted you
In truth, I want you still
But you're so far away
Unless I play the rules by which you want to play

But then I feel you push me back
As if it's challenge that you lack

I say lover, reveal love
Never conceal love
I want you still
Lover, be careful before you lose me
I want you still

You're so alone
Do you deserve it?
I know you think so
Do you know what's real?
Are you afraid what something real can make you feel?

You stayed with him on the losing side
You never gave in
But he's so far away
And if he didn't help you then, he won't today

But you're afraid to make believe
But I only play my heart for keeps

I want you still
Oh, I could wait for you to come to the realization
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