Lyrics to Rev It Up
Rev It Up Video:
When she was three she got the Barbie Safari,
She threw away the doll but she kept the Jeep
At 5, she got the pink Ferrari,
Held it like a baby when she went to sleep
She learned to drive in a beat-up truck,
Peakin' over the wheel, sittin' on Daddy's lap
Barreled 'round the barn so many times,
Oooo-that grass ain't never grown back

She likes to Rev It Up, and Rip it Up, a hundred and ten ain't nearly fast enough
She makes that motor sing; she loves the looks it brings,
From the boys on the corner who are all wishin' they were with her when she

She's working double-time but she don't mind
All for those 2 precious things in her purse,
Ain't a picture of her boyfriend or her kitty cat
It's the keys to her Shelby with a 4 speed Hurst

Out on the weekends hookin' up with her friends
Racin' up and down the street
The boys see her comin' and they all start runnin'
Tryin' to get into the passenger seat
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