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Lyrics to Return To You
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Where can I find today
Now that you're driving away
I never lied, but somehow I died to you
But something remains, and...
That I will find.

I will leave this world for a little while,
And I will cast myself onto the ocean floor,
And I will ride the sun into the grasp of night,
When I return I'll be the one that you knew before.

When did our moment become
Just another place in time?
I know it was more
Than I gave it credit for
I wanna get that moment back
I wanna pay for my crime.

I'll chase the past into eternity
There's nothing that I won't do
I'll drown away all my sorrows
Find love and give it back to you.
Consider this moment forever
When I'm looking into your eyes again
You'll know it's me..........

La da da......
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