Return To The Void Lyrics

Iron Age

Constant Struggle

Lyrics to Return To The Void
Return To The Void Video:
Bring me back, show me peace.
Show me a future where I'm free from pain.
Return to the void where I began.
All time is lost as I regain a new beginning
for a different existence.
Return to find what I've never known...
Release, what will I find on the other side
and will I know myself?
If the circle never ends what's my purpose?
I can't tell what's real.
No one can tell me what's going on.
This earth has become my cell.
It's a waron my mind and the cost
is my soul and it's been too long
since I've felt control.
Over the choices I've made
and the ends they bring,
I can't find peace. I can't find peace
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