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At the end of the story the fairy tale has changed,rewriten to tradgey without hope and the one who believed with their heart never thought it, but lost at the end even so love and dreams like sand break apart washed away even when we want it to stay with us but even as i remember now i could not forget. the song that you always sang, stays with me echoes deep within my chest. Could i ever return to that day?I still try to shake off the past while your melody binds what you left of me i know i know i can make it there tourgh all the pain. I still long to be with you. Our two worlds forever linked by the endless sea!For sure love will conqer all are the words you once told me. The stars thaht decide fate can be changed and vanish, but this is all one cowardly lie completely! On the morning when you woke up on a bed mode of rippling waves, eveything ended and began again. While we sat there in silence with the warm light surronding us all of my hopes,they were reborn and returned to the sea. Can you hear the bell rining? Ecohing over the seven seas my happieness shines over the endless sea. Our miracle of love shows what i care for most all i want, is to, gaze into your eyes.Everything melts away as you kiss me

(Thanks to celeste for these lyrics)

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