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Ascension - EP

Lyrics to Return Of The Warrior
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My eyes shall then turn home/ to a land besieged by death/ forward did I dare to roam/ to fight whilst others waste there breath/ They've taken far to much from us/ we'll never bow to there demands/ let us take this fight unto there blackened gates/ and taste there blood upon our hands/ So forth we marched/ in metal gear/ to end there tyranny/ This day/ this fight/ the men that fall/ shall dwell in infamy/ We claimed our dues/ and left them dead and scattered in the halls, We come, we slew, and avenged our wrongs. The tyrant shall always fall. So we conquered, and we freed ourselves from the chains of blackened steel, they thought to bring us to our knees, but was us that made them kneel. so with treasure we returned home, to our wives, our sons, our kin, yet as we returned to our lands we filled with anger and chagrin. Our fields lie burnt, our families dead, nothing but ashes, flesh, and fire. Where our children grew now fell the snow within our nestled hive, as tears flowed forth and teeth did clench, swearing for our just revenge, we rode from these burnt plains, to seek and kill them to the last...

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