Lyrics to Return Of The Hustle
Return Of The Hustle Video:
Swizz Beatz over an interpolation of EPMD's "Rampage"] Record mode! (Record mode!) Get your money in the air like this (yeah yeah) FAB TIME~! BK [Fabolous] We knock this out homey (yesss) Street da-da-da-da-damn (yesss) Ay it's a new year, and I'm back for new money Just I think I left somethin (JUST BLAZE!) [Chorus: Swizz Beatz] Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. It's a new year, dolla dolla bill y'all, yup! Get that money yup! Dolla dolla bill y'all, yup! Get that money yup! Dolla dolla bill, yup yup! [Fabolous] Yesss - it's the return of the young hustle A nigga came for the money, not the tongue tussle Me I'd rather do my lip lashin, when the chips cash in Then you might see me on the strip flashin like Vegas lights, and they say I shine Vegas bright Draw a crowd like a Vegas fight So shiiiiiiit, gettin hit in my leg is like I mean it coulda been a 2Pac vegas night Or maybe a Notorious L.A. evening "Baby you okay?" I mean well I'm breathin Hell I'm even, bossin and I left The money ain't right then I toss you to the left Yesss, to the left, to the left Everything is hustle to the death for the F- -A-B baby, they be lazy Gucci straightjacket cause I may be crazy Loony for the loot, psycho for the paper This a new year but I recycle for the paper If green talks, then I'm the Geico with the paper So have my check right, no typos with the paper please [Chorus - repeat 2X w/ ad libs, end first time end with "I said"] [Fabolous] They say the rap game remind 'em of the crack game That's why they money go, quicker than a crack high My money stack high, how high? Shaq high Yao high, that's why, yours is Bow Wow high You lookin at your new hustle, like your last hustle Was looked at as Russell, in my past hustle Shorty work it, she be on her ass hustle She make it clap, she know how to work them ass muscles Fast rush you, then back to the money They say I'm frontin, can't turn my back to the money And truthfully you're cool but I'm attracted to money So why don'tcha turn your back to the money and let it shake I'm lovin how you move that smooth, you let it snake But players don't chase at it baby we let it make Bet it make sense when you make them dollars I ain't gotta make them move, but I make them holla This my year, but y'all can help me celebrate I'm 9:15, that means I'm hella straight Swizz stacks, Just Blaze bucks I'm back for my money, it's just they luck [Chorus - repeat 2X w/ ad libs, end first time end with "I said"] [Swizz Beatz] Get your money in the air, m-m-money in the air [2X] Let me see it up, let, let me see it up [2X] LADIES~! Money in the air, m-m-money in the URR-URR [2X] Money in the air, money in the air Let me see it up, nigga you don't need that dough Nigga you don't need that dough...

Songwriters: Jackson, John David / Co-Writer, Unknown / Dean, Kasseem / Smith, Justin Gregory
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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