Lyrics to Retrospect
Retrospect Video:
It's 45 and the moon is bright,
tonight's the only thing in sight
if i die to never wake,
promise me you won't forsake
the way of life we live
by the second, full of "sin"
i want this night to never end,
you know my ways i will defend

this road's been run too many times before
lock the ghosts behind the door,
toss the key (hey!) and look away
it was myself that i betrayed

behold the apparition
of these abominable conditions
breeding lies with superstition,
close your eyes then take a deep breath
and relapse back to better days,
take a walk through pouring rain
i swear to god it's worth the pain
break away from their bastard reign


i'd rather be a dead man walking than to never live at all!

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