Restoration Lyrics

The Acorn

No Ghost

Lyrics to Restoration
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Concentric circles signal dinner time
the tidal waves that skim the surface
we're split along the seams
we've all been gnawing at the bone
and your last breath left us
dangling from your spine,
and that was fine.
Yeah, your last breath left us hanging
on the line wondering why you never lose.

After all, the hair falls from your head
and a heart attack's been sleeping in your bed
but on with the restoration

I'm running on my feet
I never stumble as i'm falling
'cause the vultures love to have you in their claws
but you offered me my preservation

will all this time my fortune be?
and the stunts that brought me to my knees?
'Cause I can't wipe my collar on my own.
I'm split along the seams, my head is coming off.
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