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Lyrics to Rest Ya Head On My Chest
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Relaxy y'all rest ya head on my chest, cruisin' through ya speakers, nuthini more, nuthin less, even though not old school, still I must confess, Hip Hop is my life...(what), Hip hop is my life (scratch) I got an underground contract with this man called Hip Hop I promised that night, I'll give all I got he told me his life story, bad times, times of glory yes bitches, gangsters, husterlers and outlawrey, parties, graffity, breakdancon' in the streets, plus MC's, microphones, 12/10 and phat beatz He said: Ey, yo, Raptile, but I want you to know, if you roll, it's not only about beatz and flows I said: Ok, first of all, we gotz to fuse, to one element then it's relevant to pay my dues, yes I'll trymy best, to keep my shit tight practice every day and will fight with da mic He said: If it's like that, I'll guard you like eastpack, luck charm, the guardian angel over ya head, but don't you bite styles, immitate or pose we need new individuals who create new type flows, he pulled me close to his body and made me realize Hip Hop is culture and sometimes I gotta improvise prove my styles with paper and a pencil I knew that was the cornerstone shit was essential people dind't understand how serious it is I rocked jams, pade my dues, made my experiences dropped bombs on freestyle sessions, got probs, learned my lessons, shit was tight everytime I gripped my mic, but one day I met Hip Hop in a club, suddenly she explained me on a track with verbal attacks that MC's need to be conscious of what he sayin' I thought I was real because I was sprayin' wordplays aggressive She told me: It's not like that, if you attack other MC's, they might bite back, it's pretty nice, if you got tight raps, but it's more precise lacin' wise vocals on ya wax next moment I opened up my eyes to my suprise I found myself sittin in my room I realized Hip Hop wants me to work harder, I gotz to rise my lyrical level with my intellect as my partner so I became larger expanted my rhyme-repertoir I was only blazin' da evil like I'm Marshall brave star so far It's all good now even though not old school I drop some burnin' some hip Hop sounds...

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