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This is another kind of a new falling right, but there is something you should know about the experience between an underground unknown man which takes a bottle,

(Verse 1)

- come on to rest in Peace, you fagile
now come to let me be, let me be me
that is what you should see, fagile
you fake me, now go to hate me
/go to sleep BITCH/
- go to see which
losers go to sleep which
homies gotto plee wow
I want to make you plee BITCH
- Bitch, you can not see how I
how I? how i go to die! Why?
Mom, I don't know,
give me reason to believe in
that goddamn thing
- you goddamn bitch
you goddamn BITCH
You make me sick
you goddamn BITCH
- I ain't give a motherfucking fuck
about the reasons why I got
to have to leave out
- when I shoot
you hoe
away from my follow upgrowing to follow BITCH

Now go to rest in Peace my Man
Give me a reason, I'm gone leave you, damn
My Rapgame made my last fame
and it's not enough Fuck You

Now come to rest in Peace my Man
I rap you down just like I see you Damn.
And this game, you present is a shitgame
this is not enough, Fuck You

(Verse 2)
- You got no ground under your god-damn-feet
You are not loud, like i got to be
You have nothing what I want
I have also what you got
- You see, you got not enough
so give it to me
Just like you Fake life it to me
Damn right, motherfucker
- This what you could not be
Every city foot scene getts scrilla with em
kid short change the dealer
the game be gorilla
ain't nothing illa
- aka 800 toll free aside
you gotta rose to be a Bad Boy till you die
nothing! Nothing? nothing is what you just got.
swear these homies that I got, (shut up) what?


- Feel how ya' all wanna ah, ah, feel
Who give a fuck dog kill who you wanna kill
Just keep it fo` real when it come to me
Cuz all my bitches in the slums kind a hungary
- give me no dende 2 be hende, a compr'ende
let me see that Whut? Whut? defende (hoho)
let, let? let me be.
what I go to see!
- you know nothing about me
now you see you got to ple
you say that I look like a goddamn german?
I give you a reason, there is now so much 4
- learning, for you, war school, gonne do what I would never do, you screw
like nobody! nobody? keep a low party! low party?
shut up Bitch, now go to sleep. What?

2x (Chorus)

Now you can see what mr. Mathers see. Let me tell you the truth, there is nothing what you have, Bitch. absolutely nothing.

Rest in Peace. out now! Bitches
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