Lyrics to Responsibility
Responsibility Video:
I tried fry, now what in the fuck it do for me
A damn thang, now that fried shit is history
I tried snorts, had to leave the dust alone
Cause in that mind state, you can't get your hustle on

Responsibilities, and priorities
It's up to me to be a G, wanna succeed
Responsibilities, and priorities
It's up to me to be a G, wanna succeed
This for them G's running that game, claiming they down with you
But once you're broke with nothing to smoke, no one around with you
Leave it alone better get gone, before you do a whole zone
Drugs'll end your career, or yeah heard the same song
Put the blame on, anybody doing me wrong
When all I need to do, is get on my knees and pray and be strong
Been blessed for so long, the Lord is on his throne
He telling me my chest gone, so now it's the microphone
Mama screaming pop dreaming, wonder where his son at
I keep it up be out of luck, I'll probably have a cardiac
Arrest best know that I'm blessed, for minorities
If a G wanna succeed, best to get priorities
Or lying 'fore you find, you can't shine doing time
Been there done that, don't wanna press rewind
So this mastermind, designed a way to get it on
Recognized responsibilities, and leave that bullshit alone


Man it's so hard, to survive in this game
With all these trials and tribulations, I felt you might get mayn
Steady putting that shit on my brain, and helping me maintain
After the hype get down, I look around I see the pain
Man it's real in this game, the streets don't give a damn
A lot of niggaz went broke, behind the funky ass ram
Some don't understand, where the sherm'll take ya
Off the ledge flat on your head, to meet your damn maker
Keep my mind on my paper, I get high on this money
Don't wait to fall broke, to go to church on a Sunday
Peer pressure don't run me, fuck follow the leader
I be damned if I go wild, being a under achiever
So all you nonbelievers, that think that I returned
They thought that I'd come short, to the snorts and the sherm
You boys best to learn, can't hold me down man
I keep coming keep coming, so check the soundscan

[Hook x2]

This is your brain on drugs, saw the commercial
Damn that shit'll hurt you, when all your friends dessert you
Your gal wanna search you, cause all the trust is gone
Been up two days in a row, don't you know the dust is gone
Can't get your hustle on, what's wrong with your mind state
That shit got you shook, and you done took the crime rate
Opened up the notch, don't you see where it got me
In and out of jail, plus some jackers almost shot me
Crackers wanna knock me, so do the shife
Like Jigga nigga, this a hard knock life
And y'all call it keeping it real, but y'all ain't keeping us alive
We best to open our eyes, and learn to survive
Without the fo'-five, or that desert eagle blade
Check my laptop Macintosh, squashing shit the legal way
Responsibility, can you define that term
Or them guys around the corner, so you boys better learn

[Hook x2]
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