Respect 2 Him (Outro) Lyrics

Dave Hollister

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Lyrics to Respect 2 Him (Outro)
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[Spoken] I'd like to take this time out To give respects to the man Who made this all possible for me The Lord, Jesus Christ For without him, none of this would be possible Also, I'd like to dedicate this song to.. To all the people who's not here with me today That were close to me Uncle Charles, I love you man I'm glad you got it right with God I'm glad you up there chillin' with Him To my man Tupac Thanks Pac for lettin' me express myself on your records man I hope you up there chillin' with God too man, peace And to my father, who's still here I love you man, this is to you But now, back to giving God his Lord, I thank you for everything Now I'd like to give this back to you Let everybody know, that you can keep 'em Go somethin' like this [Singing] 1 - Now unto Him That is able To keep you from fallin', fallin' Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Listen.. Him, Him, He knows Failure.. Him, Him, He knows Defeat.. He who knows God knows Your sorrow He who knows God knows Only peace He is able, yes he is He is able, yeah To keep you from fallin' down Fallin' down, yeah Repeat 1 to fade

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