Lyrics to Reset The Preset
Reset The Preset Video:
I don't need a god to tell me what is right to do and what is not - I set my moral standards by myself. I don't need a bible or koran to make me sure about what I am and I think you don't need it too... And somehow it's strange - some things never change. But some people do... do you? I don't need a boss to tell me how to waste my time, cause this 1. thing I can do perfectly by myself. I don't need no cops to tell me what drugs I should do... Is what you do the dream of your life? Or is it just a thing you do to survive? Do you belive the shit they tell you? And do you need the crap they sell you? Do you depend on things that kill you? And do you dare to do whatever fills you whit joy? We don't need rules, we don't need leaders. And we shure don't need Mc Shit to feed us. What we need is to learn to respect each other and ourselves, and that's a fact!!!

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