Lyrics to Reset
Reset Video:
When the bell tolls and the chunker sings you would probably think that it's over...
But the bell tolled and the chunker sang, and we dumped the pig in the ocean...
Cuz we-
LIVE LIFE, do it til' we dead
Runnin' out of lives so we hit the Reset like...
Dark thoughts, Grey Skies...
Hit a little button everything will be alright like...

With the games that we play and the buttons that we press
We be moving just to level up, never impressed
With the past win column or the days we got em'
What you done for me lately is the phrase they follow
But hey- reminisce- ignorance is never bliss
Neither's leaning on achievement's we ain't' seen in a minute
So go- pat backs, high fives, dap daps
Find a balance with your ego cuz' that needle gon' scratch
Cuz' hey- every party stops, even if the party rocked
Leaving Hans Solo on the quest for the bodyrock
- no biggie but I'm fiendin' for the private stock
Red and black lumberjack blunts getting fired up
Til' we tired out, liquor store dried out
- we thought we hit a homerun but we lined out
We chalk it up to the glitches in the system
I be hitting reset just to freshen up the pixels

Batteries included, exclusions don't apply
So we power up the movement like a mushroom from the sky
- get a life, wish it were that easy
Disbelief is just a symptom so suspend it like Luigi
- and hey keep your shirt on you'll get some better service then
Unless you're lawless or you're lucy with a better set
- we in the future with the truth to help us settle bets
Hindsight's nothing with a black swan temperment
Two tone living in the valley of the grayscale
Absolutes refuted from illusions in the payscale
We playing catch-up with a bottle full of dayquil
And that don't cut the mustard for the people tryna pay bills
- I'll find a clear head somewhere in this vortex
- I know there's something going on up in that forehead
- that chicken coop is stupid crowded with the force fed
- angry bird button pushing rush in for endorphins
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