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Lyrics to Reservoir
Reservoir Video:
Just want to talk to you now
This is for the one
Get me alive
So I thank you

Moses is on the way downtown
It's you and me at the fountain
I suggest to go to Chicago
Lights out!
The window,let it in
Flow like...
All these babies crying
Are they just flying around?

This is the time to come down from the mountain
Welcome home to stick to the pain
How can I be like stars and sin?
It's only ...
He put this one on him
2 times and he's alone
His fans keep on circling
Over the land
I wait for you
Will you wait for me?
Wait for me, please
For the days,they were nice
But I can't stand much more

So you think you understand
When you're cured
I'm cured
...You think you know so much
I thought that I would limp
On the one that bleeds
They wanna see ,they wanna chop these streets
Cut me down
Please take a seat
And give it on what you believe
Is me,but I'm a fighter,I'm the light
I'm the story that you hear
In the melody got you worried
Make a print to my knees
And then you'll see
I just want to finish this
I got the baby to my knees

I came down to the dungeon ,to the castle
I can't give up
And I won't give in...
I walked around this reservoir
Every time, waiting for the crowd
Fantoms and ghosts,raise a glass and make a toast
What we've been through
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