Lyrics to Requiem
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Requiem Requiem I am the day you die I want to be alone Come see my spirit fly The road to thunderdome Call me her majesty My queendom Is my pride I've seen eternity The dead is still alive A spirit is passing by The night i die to tell I rule the crystal sky The burning rocks from hell My army hibernate My lovers stand in line The whole united states Wake up rise and shine Thy lovers tonight Sing through a requiem Oh thy army unite Sing thou a requiem Requiem I drink the holy grail The soma of your blood My temple is my domain You twisted snake of mud The planets interplay They crash when worlds collide Let comets fly my way My mouth is open wide [repeat Thy lovers tonight ...] It's time to drink adieu A bitter coup de grace My Venus butterfly And her satelites of Mars Jurasic giant bird I spread my golden eggs It shines around the world The glow beetween my legs [repeat Thy lovers tonight ...] Requiem Requiem

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