Lyrics to Request
Request Video:
The change has come the wind's blown through
Still seems like so much work to do
For ten years now we've longed to be
Face float up in the deep green sea
The message written on the wall
Is garbled makes no sense at all
It's late now
I'd like to take you home

You ask 'what more do we want for
And how much do we need?'
There's no room for the games we play
For Camelot, Gethsemane
I can't recall the game at all
Nor why we're hanging round here for
Guess it must be in the twilight zone

Can we rise?- maybe
Look up to the sky
I guess there's nothing guranteed

I've got this black book full of winter songs
Some things to sort out won't take long
Yeah it's fate now
I'm going to take you home

I'd sail five of the seven seas
Kneel down and pray on wounded knees
Write love songs that will break their hearts
Knowing love will tear us apart
Somewhere between the sacred and
The bleeding ordinary
It's perfect
A place to set up home

And I'm not sure if this is just a temporary thing
In good time now
How bout we head on home
Yeah I like you I want to take you home
Yeah I like you I want to take you home
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