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Lyrics to Reno Defibrillator
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This quarter¹s worth so much more here Potential energy Placed into his hardened hand Exploding possibility Donation married to some hope This coin will be the last he needs One shot go yank the slot and ask Is he any different from me? What¹s the story now? Mistakes along the way Napping on concrete Time to defibrillate Biggest little town Fortunes made every day At least that¹s what the signs all say Tearing earth and rock to shreds Making room for 10,000 beds Neon lights so bright you could never go to sleep But why would you want to? 99 cent ham n¹ eggs All-you-can-eat lunch buffets And I can hardly tell the difference My brain¹s cramped up from anxious fun Oh shit look at the loot we¹ve won Take our 4 bucks and run

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