Lyrics to Renegade
Renegade Video:
Renegadei don?t know what to doi ?m standing here and wait for youi ?ve talked to you the night beforeand all i know is i need morethings that i have seen so clearnow after all i feel the feari hate to be alone that nightto be alone in every fighti ?m a renegade - let me goi ?m a renegade - leave me alonewake me up i hate this songsomething in my world is wrongi try to live my life so wellbut now i see my life is hellsometimes when i walk alonei am sure i ?ll find a homesomething changes the world so fasti ?m on the run ever the lasti ?m a renegade .....people try to take it allthey take my power till i falli ?m fed up with this boring gamei feel that i ?m not the samelet me wake up from this dreami ?m no fool and i will wini hate to listen what you sayi will make it in my own wayi ? m a renegade .....sometimes on my wayi fall down , i have to paythrough stormy clouds and rainbut i stand up againi ?m gonna try my bestdon?t turn round, look to the pastfor all my sins i ?ll paybut straight i walk my way

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