Lyrics to Remove Your Highness
Remove Your Highness Video:
I'm lucky not to believe in fate
And faithfully I don't believe in luck
For luck and fate is for those who're bliss
And the bliss are in vain by my sight

Don't call me names or you'll be cursed
For God protects who are His

You are so lame and full of filth
I can not help to feel hate
Not hate for you but hate for sin
And sin is all you can do

Sin believe me you are wrong
You'll rot in hellish departments1
I ask you kindly not to go along
You please remove your highness

The death of the Christ you can't ignore2
And neither his resurrection2
You're justice knows we want to abhor
You are destined to die; you infection

And we'll nevermore adore you 2X

You're no worth of existence
We know we raised you in life
But we regret your substance
In all of our miserable lives

I'm lucky not to believe in fate
I'm faithful not to believe in luck
Jesus redeem my soul of hate
over the edge with awe struck
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