Lyrics to Remote Conrol
Remote Conrol Video:
Things get hectic quickFrom the satellite dish to your joy stickIt's the night of the living cable boxWires coming up from around the blockRemote control to change the stationBut that won't change your situationHave you seen what I meanI'm the little gnome that's in your dreamsSo I say this rhyme built by designTo take you beyond space and timeSaid who is the man making diamonds out of coalThe man pushing buttons on remote controlUntil your back's up against the wallYou never know yourself that much at allSo you've got to share your love with a friendThat's all that you've got left in the endLiving in this city of pure confusionPeople mislead by their own illusionAll this action, no satisfactionWe're all linked together like a chain reactionPlay or fold, love is boldWhat is the future that will unfold?Some like it hot, others like it coldBut we all want to hold the remote controlThings get hectic quickAll of the sudden I'm in the thickToo much drama alla roundDistractions booming in sensuroundLike a rainy day's Earth won't sit stillSliding on down a hillSometimes life seems to stallSo never be ungrateful y'allSo I got a little something for your pay per viewLike Don King I've got the crazy hair doWe've got cameras on Mars on space patrolControlled on Earth by remote control

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