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(feat. Trae, Dougie D, Lil B, Lil T, Jay'Ton, T.O.)

Now usually I don't do this, but uh
I think we need to go on and break em off
With the S.L.A.B. remix

Now I'm not trying to be rude
You better not touch, the candy blue
When the chromed out grill, be coming through
With the 84's, rolling on the shoes
Looking like a spaceship, with the screens lit
Down your block, I'm swanging my bitch
Looking at boppers, riding my dick
With TJ, throwing up the South Klique
Can I get a (Slow, Loud) what about the (Bangin')
When I'm crawling on 24's
Popped up, with suicide do's
With chrome and glass, and I'm thoed

[Hook x2]
You know we Slow, Loud And Bangin'
On every corner, we hanging
You see us, rolling big bodies
On shiny chrome, and we banging
For all my thugs, on the block
That know they grinding, nonstop
We hold it down, for DJ Screw
On everything, that I got

Come on, you wanna act like I ain't a superstar
But what about the 22's, I got on my car
Or what about the boppers, that be calling my cellular
Or what about the H3, Hummer you never saw
Leading the line, so everybody'll follow
Sitting real low, playing wreck and fall
Screens lit, like show time at the Apollo
Go on and get back, cause I got it on lock hoe
When I'm playing it, for position
In a hard top, slamming the ceiling we missing
Blue over gray, in a platinum edition
When I show my teeth, my diamonds be glistening
Boppers wishing, that they can get with Trae
But I glide right by em, like Dr. J
So clean, and did I forget to say
I got a Lexus T, that's so hard

[Dougie D]
It's Dougie D, and I'm a superstar
Huffing puffing blowing weed, sipping on bar
Lime bubble gray, cocked up on the beltway
Skating on MJ's, headed down to Few Quay
Yeah you motherfuckers feeling my flowing, you like that
Nod your head to the front, and then you nod back
Slow, Loud And Bangin' daddy we wreck tracks
For the Screwzoo, we holding it steady just like that
I'm a rhyme ripper, keeping it crunk and I drop bombs
Like a pack of bees, fucking with me you will get swarmed
When I ride through the streets, I'm tipping the pone chrome
Y'all niggaz ain't ready, lil' daddy so hold on
Can a nigga get a (*inhaling*), can a nigga get a (*coughing*)
Ain't nothing but, smoke in my lungs
Cause a nigga getting full, and fucked up

[Lil B]
Take a look at the way, a nigga be grinding and shining
The fifth wheel reclining, I'm steady breaking boys off in the lot
When the trunk pop, I'm still gripping a glock
Short stopping these haters, trying to get what I got
Cause I'm swanging and banging, my corn hanging I'm slanging
Nothing but ki's, being imported from overseas
Like Alicia Keys, my screens falling baby
With a Bad Boy, mixed with a little Japanese
One time for my thugs on the block, and niggaz on lock
Just chase that paper, till you get you a knot
Slang rocks it don't stop, this the life of the hard knocks
Bleed the game, until it turns into blood clots
A S.L.A.B. representer to any contender, surrender
I'm chopping boys up, like meat straight blenders
Like the winter we catching spinners, and beating up fenders
You boys game is lame, and y'all still beginners

[Lil T]
You can catch me at the bar, sipping Coke and Rum
I be running through hoes, like Warrick Dunn
Late night on the creep, with me and Jay'Ton
S.L.A.B., and we number one
Lil T who I be, and I'm crawling slow
Hoes bopping on the slab, up on my window
South Klique be my set, and I'ma let you know
And this SB4, and I'm out the do'

Where the niggaz at, really ready for the S.L.A.B
It's Jay'Ton, tipping up and down the AVE
Swanging the block with cops, and I can't stop dropping the top
On a 6-3, can you see me
I be that nigga, gripping grain
Diamonds all up, in my piece and chain
Coming through this bitch, sounding like a train
When I bogaurd, in and out the lane

It's T.O., I'm doing my thang
Four T.V.'s, gripping on grain
Swanging wide, hogging my lane
Seeing me and Trae, flying down Main
Looking good, and I'm looking throwed
Yellow bone star, in Gucci clothes
Shining bright, when I'm wrecking flows
Turning heads, and I'm out the do'

[Hook x2]
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