Lyrics to Reminisce
Reminisce Video:
Hop on my Bigwheel and cruise around the block Get in the last few minutes of play before it's 8 o'clock I hear momma callin' from across the street It's past my bedtime or else it's time to eat So sorry Momma but you're just gonna have to wait We gotta finish our baseball game it's inning 28 Chop off my sister's Barbie Doll heads Wait 'til she falls asleep and hide them in her bead Hide and go Seek, Cops and Robbers We'll play smear the queer 'til somebody gets clobbered I Wanna go back I Wanna go back We were ninja's killing snowmen with our swords made outta brooms G.I.Joes and Transformers strewn across my room We'll play Atari for an hour or two Hell we'll play until our faces turn blue Makin' forts and boobytraps in the woods in the backyard Finding something dumb to do was never that hard First kisses, hits and misses, things to cherish, things gone rotten Things lost deep in your mind, things never to be forgotten I Wanna go back I Wanna go back

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