Lyrics to Remember When
Remember When Video:
9 to 5 in a job that we hate
molding our minds to serve food on a plate
wasting our time asking who's to blame
when hushed pain claims
this is not why we came
to the city that saves
mom would always say
you are what you make
but the money i made
as a paid wage slave
with my own path to pave
is a pass to the grave
a tombstone that says
a beautiful waste
of what could have been
oh, what if we end up like them?

remember when enough was enough
no matter what we'd do what we loved
remember when
we said it wouldn't happen to us

remember when i was only three
and i asked dad what life means
he said "Charlene,
it's whatever you dream."
so i closed my eyes and went to sleep
i was lucid and lying in a field of green
but there weren't sheep
and there weren't trees
just the sun, the sky and me
"life means i'm alone" i thought innocently
and for awhile, that was my decree
till i heard a preacher on the street
say "love is life and life is free"
so i sought out to be all i could be
i fell in love and then consequently
i fell in line, we got mouths to feed
oh, this isn't what our lives should mean.

remember when we started to fall
in love to in line to "having it all"
remember when
we thought we'd change the world?
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