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Content With Dying

Lyrics to Religion On A Stick
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How can you just show up there?
The white knight thats going to save the day
The only reason for being there is not to feed them food
But the Christian way believe in our white God and you will be fed But to have your own religion means you'll starve to death
Religion on a stick you force feed the masses
The most weak and willing is where you begin
And until there is one world with one religion only then will you end
Are you a missionary for God or a missionary for money?
You say you're caring while you televise a guilt trip to make you rich
And how many die while your pockets keep getting filled?
The best damned business move was your story of Christ being killed
Your God is nothing more than a dollar sign and you don't care how many people die
You spend more on commercializing a cause than you do on feeding a nation
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