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Lyrics to Release The Cure
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Our pain is profit, health is poverty
unveil the truth - we've swallowed lies
they've stripped us clean - tied us to their machines
one death is tragedy - billions the industry
Epidemics equal revenue
plugged in for life as you wear that caring disguise
how many more lies am I insured for?
we pay for research while we live in disease
so sick and tired as we wait...(for you to)
Release the cure
How many more lies are you prepared to sell?
I'll swallow another pill as I drown in my wishing well
searching for something more by the light of a fading torch
weeding us out, keeping us down - involuntary unnatural selection
bleed out the money before we are dead
force us to wait as the infection spreads
all this time the clock is ticking
this is not what you'd call living...
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