Relax, Enjoy Yourself Lyrics

Randy Newman


Lyrics to Relax, Enjoy Yourself
Relax, Enjoy Yourself Video:
Lord (taking some kids on a Nature tour, including a little Chinese girl, who is standing apart from the rest):
Relax, enjoy yourself
You know it's only a glorious game
They've fruit trees growin' in an open field
And wild roses bloomin' down a country lane
Look around, old chum
Slow it down, old chum
Or you never will succeed
You never will succeed

[The Devil is still pretty unhappy]

Relax, enjoy yourself
It's all such a wonderful game
There are rivers and forests,
And mountains high
There are deep green oceans
And the pale blue sky

Let it go and then, you will know, old friend
That you never will succeed
You never will succeed

Chinese Angel Child (to the Devil):
It must be very trying to be bad all the time
Vicious and cruel and mean
[you get used to it]
When there's so much beauty
All round us to be seen
And so very little time in which to see it all
And feel it all
So little time
[you should know]
Perhaps when you were little
No one held you in their arms
And told you that they loved you very much
Perhaps you were embittered
By your fall from Grace

Devil: How long have you been dead?

Angel Child: Two Months

D: Do you miss your friends?

AC: Yes, I miss them
I've tried to make friends here, but it's hard

D: Yes, they resent you

AC: Perhaps

D: They know you're smarter than they are

AC: Perhaps

D: Yes

AC: Perhaps

D: Yes

AC: Yes

D: Your parents, do you miss them?
Do you wish that you were with them?

AC: Yes, I miss them
I do miss them

D: The man who shot you in the head
In that Burger King in Tucson
Well, he never will be punished you know
He will move to Big Pine, California
Become the richest man in Mono County
While that may not be much, it's enough
When he dies
Sixty-five years from today
With his loved ones all around him
He'll be whisked right up to heaven
He won't pass go or have to wait
He'll just march right through the God-damned gate

you may ask yourself why
For thousands and thousands of years
I have asked myself why

Lord: Faith

Angels: Contrition

L: Sincere contrition.

A: Yes Lord

L: Sincere confession

A: Yes Lord. Yes Lord

L: Redemption.
Those who seek Me shall find Me
In the case of this man,

A: Predestination

L: My ways are mysterious
Sometimes even to myself
My ways are mysterious

Devil: Relax, old chum, relax
It's all just a beautiful game that we're playing
And in a few more years
When I move up here
Things will never be the same
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