Lyrics to Relativity
Relativity Video:
Did you ever think of consequences?
They don't apply to you.
Repercussions for repeated offences.
Act like you never knew
Realizing I'm opinionated,
Creates a Brand new tear
Face to Face with everything you hated, Expose a brand new layer
Just to Burn it away.

So you think I should appreciate this,
The way you put me down.
There's nothing more completely hated then who created the sound
Of a message so over rated the meaning wasn't found.
Just because we're related,
I am not bound.

Am I really that worth defeating?
Well does that make you strong?
Story line from the past repeating
And everything Is wrong.
Immunity to these verbal beatings, Or am I just weak?
Suffocating Me.

(I can't Just Accept)
The way you act,
How I react, Is so abstract, You don't understand your impact.
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