Lyrics to Relapse
Relapse Video:
Seen the road I'm taking, it's one I've traveled before, being lost in feelings I've never felt before. Looking to the past, days go by so fast, striving for the future, hoping the time will last. Lost many friends for feelings that were so strong, inside myself I know that I'm not wrong. Looking for the answers to questions, left unsaid.

Seeing things lost in the past. Good times never seem to last, just when you think you're done, you realize you haven't won, pushing so hard to accomplish what seems unreal, trying to catch my breath and learn how to deal with obstacles which lie ahead, are they all just inside my head. The pace I'm at is unclear, the pride which I hold so dear is slipping from my hands. No time to make amends.

Searching through my head, a solution which lies ahead, showing the direction, ignore what others said. Taking all these chances, watch my inside bleed. problems I fail to overcome, come back to taunt me. What if I just tried and stuck it out, maybe I could've succeeded only worthless doubt. Ideas in my head, I wake up those dreams are dead but, the spirit which dwells within gives me inspiration not to give in, knowing I got what it takes to succeed at my own pace in life
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