Lyrics to Reign Of Evil
Reign Of Evil Video:
Dark is the throne where the flowers lay
Mine's the hand that commands a slay
For the reign of evil shall rise again
Calling upon you my evil kin
The world shall be spared no sin
When the weakest of kings lays aslain

Here I am: Mordred
Master of all slaves
Torture is my game
Mercy is their claim
Here we are, Morgan
The crown's covered with blood
Take your place beside me
For your reign of eternity

Follow me, Black Knights
Through the goods' hell
Blood will be shed
They'd best watch their heads
We'll take all we can
Kingdom in one hand
Blood in the other
The end is near for King Arthur

All hope is lost for the noble ones
Treachery's killed wives and sons
All that is left of the great land is darkness and doom
You've lost the war and now is our time
As foretold by the ancient rhymes
All that you thought was good sealed your tomb

We've put your life to fire and the sword
Futile are your words, my lord
We're keeping order in your lands as you never could
Lay down your arms and kneel before us
No one shall suffer your loss
For the reign of evil's risen for good
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