Lyrics to Regression
Regression Video:
Why does the law view women as little less than human?
Why are their lives worthless than the property of the state?
You know your country is sick when you get more for robbery than you do for rape
Yet it happened before our very eyes we allow these laws to exist
There is a greater value put on money than on human life
And still we sit passively?
We let these laws classify us into men, women, and black and white
They discriminate by dropping the label of human, and stripping away our rights
Until we realize everyone is equal, nothing is going to change
How much longer can we afford these laws to stay the same?
Not a minute longer because our lives are at risk
They don't give a fuck about you!
The system is full of shit how can stealing money even compare to the crime or rape?
These laws are not for people, they only benefit the state
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