Lyrics to Refusal
Refusal Video:
As a youth I knew it, and yes I did bend
I wanted acceptance and friends
Confidence broken from repeated peer pressure
I'd give in again and again
And yes, I wanted love but I loved what's inside
And I remeber the day when I drew that line
Between following my heart and someone else
And gaining some friends but losing myself
I refuse to bend just to impress a few
I refuse to be the one you want me to
I refuse to live the life you do, so small
Sometimes it's best not to fit in this world at all
And still as I grow, I smell defeat
As twisted shepherds herd up their sheep
Insteda of challenging we lay fast asleep
When sewing apathy, disaster's what reaps
Afraid, alone and out of place, but I refuse
I won't get lured into their race, I refuse
How could a man go on and live with himself
Giving up discrimination
Our minds have been molded from all we've imbibed
We still think we make our choices in life
Media barrage assults our minds
Personality pruned while we're still in our prime
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