Lyrics to Red White Blues
Red White Blues Video:
If you smile at me I’ll follow where you go
For a walk on cobble stones you’ll have my soul
When I see you paint the red white blues
In high heel shoes, your beauty never ends

When the morning comes my bed will still be warm
When the thunder strikes we’ll shelter from the storm
When I see you paint the red white blues
In high-heel shoes, your beauty never ends

Stand by me, queen of hearts
Walk with me, in revelry we’ll never be apart
Light might change just every colour
But the red white blues will sway forever more

You've tried to wrap your head right round it
Her inviting smile’s right on the dime
But yesterday’s burned to ashes
And nostalgia’s no longer a friend of mine

She promised me a promised land
So drink with me, in revelry we’re always hand in hand

I never got what I paid for
But I am still coming around for more
As your streets and made for dreamers
Where the drifter and the gambler score

And I’ll follow you wherever you will go
Down the dark and lonely hole inside your soul
I'm your ally in a war with no victory
If there’s one thing I can tell you what is pretty ain't always sweet

In the ashes of the promised land
To the tunes of another crappy band
How the west was lost but won in east
How the red white blues still sway for you and me
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