Lyrics to Red Shadows
Red Shadows Video:
I met Luis Ramirez
On the streets of Veracruz
Chasin' shadows down the alley
Pinning medals on our shoes
We grew up and worked together
In the hillsides and the fields
'Til the citrus dried
And the coffee prices fell
Jobs started moving north
'Til there was no work left to find
Luis said he knew somebody
Who could help us cross the line
So we met with Don Garcia
And took out our loans
That night we danced and drank like morning wouldn't come
A bus took us to the border
Where together we crossed the wire
But we lost sight of the coyote
As the white Sonoran sun began to rise
Through the canyons and arroyos
We made our way west
The wind swept across the dirt
And erased our steps
It was out on devil's highway
Where the heat turns your sweat to paste
Luis fell 'neath the red shadows
Of the lost souls who haunt this place
He took the money from his pocket
Put his hand in mine
And said, "brother, I'll meet you on the other side"

Down on the desert floor
His eyes the color of rust
Luis lay dying
His blood mixing with the dust

I held his hand 'til he stopped breathing
Whispered grace into his hear
But out there in desolation
You need a different kind of prayer
So I crossed in to Yuma county
Through the burning mesquite trees
In every buzzard's laugh
I swore I heard Luis
Now there's a bar on south magnolia
Where I spend what I don't need
Buying drinks with the gavachos
With my brothers from the fields
We passed through the dead and dying
Across dried bones and dusted dreams
My friend, you don't forget
The way that hunger feels

Tonight the Yuma sky is endless
And the water is cool and green
I close my eyes
And let the darkness swallow me
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