Red Handed Aesthetic Attractions Lyrics

Courtney Marie Andrews

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Lyrics to Red Handed Aesthetic Attractions
Red Handed Aesthetic Attractions Video:
caught red handed at the door
and in the back of your mind
you knew they'd find you
your mother's told you before
but now it's me telling you
you rubbed off on me
now i'm bad, i'm bad as i can be

you're finally part of the scene
and now you're in everyone's dreams
you really get to me
you make me happy

they really bought you out
left you in that apartment with empty hands
but why quit now?
you can't let them ruin your plans
addicted to feeling good
you'd do about anything to get your high
laughing with your friends
they'll tag along because the feelings right

you really get to me
you make me happy

you said "why don't you have some fun?
put down your armor and put down your guns?"
what the fuck do you expect?
i'm not pretty enough to put on display
do you even care at all
whether i'll make it or whether i don't?

you really get to me
why do you make me happy?
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