Red Bottom Girl Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 4: The EP

Lyrics to Red Bottom Girl
Red Bottom Girl Video:
[Singing: woman]
I know to make it show and work
I'm headin towards hollywood to put in work
I wanna be a milionaire
I wanna be a movie god
(Tony yayo)
She's my red bottom girl
Red bottom girl [x6]

Her beauty striking like brazilian cobras
Brazilian chick italian heels in the range rover
Uh, she in them cinderella red bottoms
They 2000 I know cause my bitch got em
She like to shop on rodeo
Best friend use to fuck ocho
Don't love hoes, but I love my red bottom girl
She got her own bank account bein around the world
Red bottom girl, these rappers over glamourize
Got her in pair a too la boo and then the sky
Materialistic she know lipstick
Got the leppar prints of a sax 5th
She hit the floor and she steal the room
She in the summer line before june
Pretty face, good waist and a real good fashion sense
My red bottom girl know she the shit


[Singing: woman]
I wanna be a millionaire
I wanna be a movie god
I wanna be sippin my drink on the sunset strip
Be ahnging out with all the stars

[Tony Yayo:]
She wanna be on the red carpet at the oscars
Or at the grammies next to gaga
Rakey and mills, make a family jada and will
Be in the white house 1st lady michelle
She put her favorite on the b.b.m page
Gotta high heel cake for her birthday
Hey, go head it's your birthday
She buy her own bottles other bitches looking thirsty
And, she ain't f'ing with them broke niggaz
Man up onow it's bein a monute since she roped a nigga
My red bottom girls heartless I can't tame her
She bein through too much, so I can't blame her


She materialistic I love that
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