Red-Neck Hippie Romance Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to Red-Neck Hippie Romance
Red-Neck Hippie Romance Video:
They say a Red-Neck and a Hippie should never get married
But we just laughed and done it anyway.
For a while life was fine...cause your life's so different from mine
But now it seems we both just ain't got very much to say.

'Cause I realize you'll never love Hank Williams
And I don't like the Rolling Stones a bit.
And all my friends have short hair and smoke "Lucky's"
And all your friends have long hair and smoke "shit"

So go and roll yourself another reefer
And I'll go pour myself another beer
And please don't ask me why, we can't give it one more try.
'Cause I'm too drunk to tell you, babe...and you're too stoned to hear.

I like to dress up and look just like a rich man
And you like wearin' jeans and lookin' poor.
And I like dancin' slow, where the "Schlitts" and memories flow
And I like to drink my coke and you like sniffin' yours.
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