Lyrics to Recuerda
My ear, your breastbone
Feel your chest go
Running in an open swing

Bury me underneath the tongue
Of some
Poet you’re thinking of
Recuerda, recuerda

“We’ll see, cradle my cheek, corazon y suerte!”
You tell me now
You are devout in a way that counts
I’ll be your bloodhound
Remember, remember

I know how to stick (oh)
I’m on the grey dog one-way
Honey this is it
We can choose happy now, happy now
And now and now and now and now!
We can be happy now!

There will come a run of loving someone
It’s a kind of singing, but bilingual now!
Be learning how we can all swap mouths
Come lay your head down

Recuerda, recuerda
Remember, remember
You sleep with an accent
You murmur I heard it
I listen, you talk
I memorize all
I can hold oh oh oh o!
Ooh ooh ooh

You wanna learn the ones you love
Let everyone you love learn you
Whoever you think of
Hold on and mean it

I know a kiss
Was a somersault
What my stomach did
Memory followed
So I’ll say
That I can recall every lip taste and shake, oh!