Lyrics to Recite Remorse (Demo)
Recite Remorse (Demo) Video:
I was shaking like a leaf
I was clenching my fist
I was losing my mind, yeah
I was dancing with death
When I stood in my front yard
Felt the sun on my face
It just felt like a rerun
Holding everything in place

For a moment I was not lost
I was waiting for permission to take off
We were new to each other
In the city after dark
You were so condescending
You wrote me and gave me a part
See, I always gravitate toward
Those who are unimpressed
I saw you as a big fish
I saw you a conquest
And I know for you it's easy to walk away

You would never ask permission
Or rue the day, yeah

I was out of my body
Reciting lines of remorse
I was losing my mind, yeah
I was halfway out the door

I was halfway out the door
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