Lyrics to Rebirth By Moonlight
Rebirth By Moonlight Video:
Long Ago I Stood Alone
On A Dark Barren Mountain
Overlooking The Lands Below
I Knelt In Profound Sorrow
Offering My Soul To The Night
I Called Out For Death And Waited,
But As My Life Slowly Faded
The Night Reached Out For Me
And Took Me As It's Child
And A Dark One Came And Offered It's Gift
To Drink Of The Sacred Blood
In Ecstasy Unparalelled By Mortal Lust
I Embraced The Light Of The Moon
And Became One With The Shadows
In Silence I Wept
As I Beheld For The First Time
The Most Beautiful Of All Beauty
Utter Darkness Truly Unblemished By Light

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
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